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Artificial intelligence is becoming widely adopted as the norm across society, becoming a mainstream technology. Are we as a society ready for its impact and unforeseen consequences?

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Mission Statement
It is here, how do we stop it from ruining us.
How do we prevent further damage?

After years of science fiction, years of fantasies that seemed once too far away, AI has gripped the world by storm. AI has been a force that has dispersed itself amongst nearly every facet of life, transforming the future from a beacon of hope to a terrifying reality in which billions live under IGNORANCE.

Our mission at AntiAI is to use factual information to keep up to date with the latest updates/news to AI, drawing logical conclusions and bringing awareness to the overlooked effects of AI on society and potentially bring about regulation to ensure that people are not harmed throughout this transition. AntiAI will ensure the anonymity of supporters and those that choose to make AntiAI their microphone, unless they wish to express their ideals publicly.

As disruptive technology and innovation enters the market, it is imperative that people and society are exposed to both sides of the argument to have a chance to make an informed decision before being swept aside blindly by the glimmering potential of the technology. See the most up to date news by clicking on the button below:

Some of the consequences of AI are as follows (but not limited to) are: Job displacements, unavoidable bias and discrimination, societal dependence, accountability issues, privacy concerns, lack of transparency and potential weaponization.

I am hoping to also provide the victims of AI a platform and voice to share their story and collaborate to produce exclusive media that shares the different perspectives people have on this controversial technology.

Before you jump to conclusions that I'm somehow fearmongering about sci-fi themes such as movies that painted AI as a humanity ending robot like in iRobot or Ultron from Marvel, that is NOT the purpose of this website. I highly recommend that you that take a look around under AI News Wall of Shame and AntiAI Pillars. If you wish to have a discussion with me then, I would love to produce some content with you of us sharing our perspectives. If you just want to check out some media about AI, click the button below:

(If you want to learn about AI or have a laugh about AntiAI related memes, click the buttons below)

Testimonials of AI consequences on REAL people:

These stories have been shared by people who has been affected by AI (all content has been approved by their respective creators for sharing on this platform).

One may be fake but I will still leave it here:

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Who We Are

Anonymous individuals (Clerk and team) hoping to make a difference in the world.

I am the founder of AntiAi.com and pursue this mission statement as a personal passion, risking my personal finances to bring awareness to the trend that is sweeping society that is artificial intelligence. All I ask is for some support along my journey and call for like-minded individuals to stand with me to ensure that we the people are empowered with the knowledge to make informed decisions about the direction we head towards as a collective with this disruptive technology. 

If you would like to connect with me, please fill out the contact form below and I will be happy to work and connect with you.

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