DEC 31, 2023

Final Post On AI for 2023

What a Year for AI.


I hope in 2024 more people stop to see how bad AI can become.

I tried my best but did not get much traction, I hope 2024 brings us more awakening.

Yours truly, C. K.

Rite Aid is in trouble after its use of AI to stop shoplifting falsely flagged large numbers of women and people of color 

Rite Aid Corp. has been banned from using facial-recognition technology driven by artificial intelligence to stop shoplifting after federal regulators determined it had falsely flagged a disproportionate number of women and people of color.

In a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, the pharmacy chain has agreed not to use the technology, which relied on AI to identify people it believed had previously shoplifted from its stores, for the next five years.

Wow, this shocked me that regulation is actually being enforced in regards to AI technology, could it be that people actually care that AI can't identify them on a whim and track them? I wonder what it's like in China, HAHAH, this is only the beginning, this story suggests that it's not AI that's the problem, it's the fact it's not good enough YET.

DEC 21, 2023

DEC 19, 2023

New investigations detail concerns over Israel’s use of AI in choosing targets 

Militaries all over the world are working quickly to enhance their AI capabilities, and the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) arsenal is making visible the destruction that can result from weaponizing artificial intelligence. The IDF’s tool, first used in Israel’s 11-day war against Hamas in 2021, is an AI-based system that greatly increases Israel’s targeting capacity by rapidly generating airstrike suggestions in Gaza.

Why is nobody talking about this... AI IS BEING USED NOW IN A REAL WAR, AFFECTING VERY REAL PEOPLE. Matter of time until this escalates out of control.

Warning of ‘risk to our survival,’ pope calls for global treaty on AI 

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis on Thursday called for an international treaty to ensure artificial intelligence is developed and used ethically, arguing that the risks of technology lacking human values of compassion, mercy, morality and forgiveness are too great.

Maybe the pope is still jaded due to the AI Balenciaga lol, all things considered, this is a nice step as we need more public figures to call for AI regulation.

DEC 14, 2023

DEC 13, 2023

Axel Springer, OpenAI strike "real-time news" deal for ChatGPT 

ChatGPT parent OpenAI has struck a deal with Axel Springer, parent to a slew of German and U.S. media outlets, to “help provide people with new ways to access quality, real-time news content through our AI tools,” OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap announced Wednesday.

This legitimizes AI further and now allows AI tools real-time access to the internet news? That's another safety guardrail off, I mean it eventually was going to get here anyway but this does not amuse me one bit.

U.S. political ad market projected to reach record $16 billion in 2024 

Artificial intelligence is becoming a much bigger part of political advertising in the U.S., prompting concerns from regulators about deception and disclosures.

I have 0 doubts that some part of that $16B will spill into AI developing misinformation to be spread during political season. Grab your popcorn as the US federal election will be running full force starting very soon.

DEC 08, 2023

DEC 11, 2023

UK Competition Regulator To Look Into Microsoft, OpenAI Partnership 

In light of the recent leadership shuffle at OpenAI, the UK Competition and Markets Authority is looking to review whether the partnership could result in a weakening of competition in the development or use of foundational models.

Why is it that UK regulations are actually on top of things versus the US? It only makes sense that regulators take a look at microsoft, soon to be the world's most valuable company is backing the #1 AI play.

Google launches Gemini, upping the stakes in the global AI race 

Google took its next leap in artificial intelligence Wednesday with the launch of project Gemini, an AI model trained to behave in human-like ways that’s likely to intensify the debate about the technology’s potential promise and perils.

The rollout will unfold in phases, with less sophisticated versions of Gemini called “Nano” and “Pro” being immediately incorporated into Google’s AI-powered chatbot Bard and its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.

Google is a juggernaut in the AI space, this will only heat up the AI arms race to see who can dominate the world first.

DEC 06, 2023

DEC 04, 2023

KISS reveals digital avatars at farewell concert: ‘We can be forever young’ 

Rock and roll never dies, and neither does the band KISS.

At the conclusion of their farewell concert at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday night, the rock band debuted their new digital avatars — ones that will ensure KISS can continue to tour, long after the stars have retired.

Beyond my feelings about AI stealing artists work. So I'm going to tackle this from a different angle, does this not devalue work if AI can just replicate creative work and personalities?

Sports Illustrated Reportedly Used AI to Create Stories 

Sports Illustrated may have used artificial intelligence to create articles — and even entire “authors” on its website.

According to a new report from Futurism, SI routinely uses AI to generate articles, attributes the writing of those articles to writers who don’t exist, and uses AI-generated pictures to give the fake authors a visual presence.

Ahhh, more adoption of AI by big companies without considering the ramifications, nice. When will a major slip up happen by the tech giants of the world?

NOV 28, 2023

NOV 22, 2023

OpenAI brings Sam Altman back as CEO less than a week after he was fired by board 

Sam Altman will return as CEO of OpenAI, the startup tweeted early Wednesday morning. The move follows immense pressure from employees and investors on the board that ousted him less than a week ago.

Yikes, if Sam Altman= OpenAI, and he wants to grow at all costs (previous board resisted him), we should all be very scared as he just showed he can do whatever he feels like now, albeit now the whole world is watching, so I'm guessing he will lay low for a bit, but long term very bad for AI.

Sam Altman hired by Microsoft, 600 OpenAI employees threaten to quit in protest of his ouster 

Sam Altman, a prominent executive behind the rise of artificial intelligence, was hired by Microsoft days after being ousted as CEO of OpenAI, eliciting a letter signed by nearly 600 employees at OpenAI calling for the resignation of the company's board and the return of Altman.

Microsoft cored OpenAI for their top talent, the needle ticked closer to doomsday as Microsoft becomes the most valuable company ever and dominates the AI space now with tailwinds to monetize AI. How does no one see the problem here?

NOV 19, 2023

NOV 17, 2023

Sam Altman ousted as OpenAI’s CEO 

Sam Altman has been fired from OpenAI, Inc., the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that acts as the governing body for OpenAI, the AI startup behind ChatGPT, DALL-E 3, GPT-4 and other highly capable generative AI systems. He’ll both leave the company’s board of directors and step down as CEO.

In a post on OpenAI’s official blog, the company writes that Altman’s departure follows a “deliberative review process by the board” that concluded that Altman “wasn’t consistently candid in his communications” with other board members, “hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities.”


HOLY S***, I can't believe they did this, the greedy bastards will actually monetize OpenAI and try to rule the world now they see the goldmine they are sitting on. I may have dissed @sama in the past but he at least plays a facade in trying to protect us from AI impacts, what about the greedy capitalists behind the tech giant? I'm scared of the true reasons why they pushed him out.

YouTube testing new AI feature that emulates voices of popular singers

YouTube has developed a new way for users to show their musical creativity on its platform.

The video sharing and social media company has a new AI tool called Dream Track that lets users auto-generate a 30-second music track emulating singers. 

WTF youtube? Didn't you just start cracking down on AI? What a joke.

NOV 17, 2023

NOV 15, 2023

Microsoft debuts its first custom AI chip, cloud CPU 

Microsoft (MSFT) is debuting its first AI chip. At its Ignite conference Wednesday, the company said the chip, called the Maia 100, is the first in its planned Azure Maia AI accelerator series. In addition to the Maia 100, the tech giant also unveiled its first custom Arm-based (ARM) Azure Cobalt central processing unit for general purpose cloud computing.

Remember Nvidia going insane? Yeah, this only affirms the trajectory that Microsoft is taking with AI. Microsoft is vertically integrating AI capabilities, be very ALARMED for AI adoption.

YouTube is going to start cracking down on AI clones of musicians 

YouTube will give music labels a way to take down content that ‘mimics an artist’s unique singing or rapping voice.’ Creators will also be required to label AI-generated content beginning next year.

Good to see some progress in the space, however, I feel this may be a tiny win in a sea that will flood mainstream society of AI being the underlying root of every other aspect.

NOV 14, 2023

NOV 11, 2023

1 year of ChatGPT 

"In 1 year, ChatGPT scared the heck out of us"

All I will say is, AI growth is exponential, if it came this far in 1 year, what will the next 10 years look like?

Humane officially launches the AI Pin, its OpenAI-powered wearable 

"It’s a gadget designed for interacting with large language models, not apps, and for talking instead of typing. But it’s not yet entirely clear what you’re supposed to use it for."

This AI pin is made by Apple designers, basically ChatGPT assistant on your chest. We may be on the verge of another technological advancement, remember when Apple changed everything with iPhones? We may be there again.

NOV 09, 2023

NOV 09, 2023

JPMorgan Is Discussing Its Generative AI Projects With Regulators

JPMorgan is testing AI applications that can generate earnings summaries for every company that the bank tracks and helpdesk service that provides exact problem-solving steps.

Again, we see giant conglomerate companies adopt AI like it's nothing, affecting millions of people without any consideration for the negatives.


One-half of Canadians admit they are not confident in their ability to distinguish between fake news generated by AI and human-produced content, according to a recent survey released by The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF). Conducted by Maru Public Opinion, the survey also highlights significant intergenerational differences and explores Canadians’ views on the regulation of companies utilizing AI technology.

Shoutout to the Canadians, aren't Canadians basically more polite Americans? Good to know so many people can be fooled by AI content yet there's no regulation that we can see regarding AI produced content? 

NOV 07, 2023

NOV 07, 2023

Meta bars political advertisers from using generative AI ads tools 

NEW YORK, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Facebook owner Meta (META.O) is barring political campaigns and advertisers in other regulated industries from using its new generative AI advertising products, a company spokesperson said on Monday, denying access to tools that lawmakers have warned could turbo-charge the spread of election misinformation.

A step in the right direction, but what about all of the other big tech? Also, just because it requires a generative AI watermark from advertisers, doesn't really stop regular users from making their own content and posting it on Meta, it's going to be a cleanup nightmare.


One-half of Canadians admit they are not confident in their ability to distinguish between fake news generated by AI and human-produced content, according to a recent survey released by The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF). Conducted by Maru Public Opinion, the survey also highlights significant intergenerational differences and explores Canadians’ views on the regulation of companies utilizing AI technology.

Shoutout to the Canadians, aren't Canadians basically more polite Americans? Good to know so many people can be fooled by AI content yet there's no regulation that we can see regarding AI produced content? 

NOV 07, 2023

NOV 06, 2023

As SAG-AFTRA Responds to Studio Offer, AI Protections for High-Earning Members Remain Sticking Point 

When SAG-AFTRA responded to the studios’ latest contract offer on Monday, artificial intelligence protections for high-earning members remained a key sticking point.

Good, as it should, AI is going to topple over the entertainment industry as it trounces upon actor's rights, making a mockery of what is real or fake.

OpenAI is letting anyone create their own version of ChatGPT

With the release of ChatGPT one year ago, OpenAI introduced the world to the idea of an AI chatbot that can seemingly do anything. Now, the company is releasing a platform for making custom versions of ChatGPT for specific use cases — no coding required.

Um, the obvious risk, tailor made tools to cause mass chaos and disrupt normal functioning society? You can theoretically copy all the code, remove the guardrails and say f you to any barriers stopping AI from doing very bad things.

NOV 06, 2023

NOV 03, 2023

Elon Musk says his new startup xAI will debut its artificial intelligence Saturday 

Elon Musk said Friday that his AI company, xAI, will debut its technology on Saturday. We now know that Elon released his AI chatbot with a twist called Grok.

What happened to warning against AI in the space, Elon? The hype and clout is too good to pass up huh?

Microsoft starts selling AI tool for Office, which could generate $10 billion a year by 2026 

The feature that appears in Word, Excel and other Office programs will cost $30 per person per month. That can add up to more than $10 billion in annualized revenue by 2026, Piper Sandler analysts Brent Bracelin and Hannah Rudoff wrote in a note to clients earlier this week.

On the surface it appears harmless, what's a paperclip being revamped back to be more helpful than ever? Looking deeper, this will ultimately start another arms race with huge $$$ backing for mass adoption of AI backed tools, remember how ChatGPT kicked this AI maniac off?

NOV 01, 2023

OCT 31, 2023

Biden issues U.S.′ first AI executive order, requiring safety assessments, civil rights guidance, research on labor market impact

U.S. President Joe Biden unveiled a new executive order on artificial intelligence.

I must shoutout @POTUS @JoeBiden for this one. I almost cannot believe that some action actually came into the space.

Are they going to apply these rules hard and fast? That's the next big question. Are they going to go after the companies that are already running wild, are they going to punish previous people who broke these laws or have operations already that will just move operations outside of US jurisdiction?

Google agrees to invest up to $2 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic 

Oct 27 (Reuters) - Alphabet's (GOOGL.O) Google has agreed to invest up to $2 billion in the artificial intelligence company Anthropic, a spokesperson for the startup said on Friday.

The company has invested $500 million upfront into the OpenAI rival and agreed to add $1.5 billion more over time, the spokesperson said.

Google is already an investor in Anthropic, and the fresh investment would underscore a ramp-up in its efforts to better compete with Microsoft (MSFT.O), a major backer of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, as Big Tech companies race to infuse AI into their applications.

2 Points: a) more investment to compete with microsoft. b) Atleast they value Anthropic's mission.

NOV 01, 2023

OCT 30, 2023

Biden wants to move fast on AI safeguards and will sign an executive order to address his concerns 

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Monday will sign a sweeping executive order to guide the development of artificial intelligence — requiring industry to develop safety and security standards, introducing new consumer protections and giving federal agencies an extensive to-do list to oversee the rapidly progressing technology.

I will wait until they publish before commenting. Notable that they are focusing on: “These are all places where we know that the use of automation is very problematic, with facial recognition, drone technology,” Venkatasubramanian said.

Spotify CEO On Audiobook Push & The Future Of Generative AI In Audio Advertising – “A Thousand” Tailored Ads By One Voice Actor 

Spotify gave an early peek at its two-week-old Audiobook rollout with chief executive Daniel Ek telling investors, “It’s early days, but we feel good.”

While I love the prospect of listening to whoever is willing to lend out their voice to Spotify but, Spotify is clearly aiming to adopt AI just like every other giant tech company, showing acceptance as being part of the overarching trend of every company trying to adopt AI as part of their business model.

OCT 24, 2023

OCT 24, 2023

Fight Crime with Your Investment Portfolio 

"It’s only a matter of time before Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) are on patrol near you. Our latest bond offering is an opportunity to participate in the future of public safety and participate in an opportunity not normally offered to retail investors."

According to Knightscope's own website. Yeah, you can get 10% interest on bonds that fund the development of these autonomous robots. We are a couple iterations away from robots neutralizing you.

The Problem With Jon Stewart Is Ending at Apple Amid “Creative Differences” 

The tension reportedly stemmed from Stewart and Apple executives butting heads about topics the show would cover in its third season, including AI, China, and the forthcoming 2024 election. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Stewart insisted on having full creative control at the show, refusing to be “hamstrung” by Apple, ultimately choosing to walk away from the series “rather than have his hands tied.”

I'm looking a little deep into this but AI was mentioned there, now why would Apple want to exert some kind of control to what Stewart can and can't talk about? China, 2024 Elections are all known common topics, AI... Not so much

OCT 20, 2023

OCT 18, 2023

OpenAI Is in Talks to Sell Shares at $86 Billion Valuation 

OpenAI is in talks to sell existing employees’ shares at an $86 billion valuation, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Now ain't that a bitch, 3x the valuation 3 months ago. How do you think the valuation got scaled up? Probably because it's very much real and in turn very real in the threat of all sorts of issues adopting AI this fast.

A Lawyer for Pras Michel Used AI to Craft Closing Arguments. Now, the Fugees Rapper Wants the Conviction Tossed 

It turned out that Kenner used generative artificial intelligence to help craft his closing remarks, according to a court filing. Michel, who was convicted on charges of conspiring to make straw campaign donations and acting as an unregistered agent for China, is now moving toss the conviction based on arguments that his former lawyer’s use of AI tools deprived him of a fair trial.

LOL, I personally think Michael is grasping at straws in their case, but it's still crazy to think that AI can and already being used in real life cases.

OCT 17, 2023

OCT 14, 2023

Scoop: Biden's team to announce new export limits on AI chips to China

The Biden administration is planning to announce new controls on artificial intelligence chips and equipment that can be sold to China, administration officials tell Axios.

Why would the US NOT want to supply advanced chips for AI to China? Probably the same reason US was shaking about Iran potentially enriching weapons grade uranium. What does that say about the potential of AI in the wrong hands?

Microsoft quietly now owns 49% of OpenAI

Microsoft’s giant Activision Blizzard deal is complete, and it means Ubisoft has now obtained cloud streaming rights for Call of Duty, all other current Activision Blizzard games, and any coming over the next 15 years.

Do we really think that when it comes to push and shove, Microsoft can't get the extra 2% ownership from someone to sway OpenAI to do whatever it wants? We're talking about the tech giant Microsoft here, that paid 69B in this deal and bypassed 16 different governments.

OCT 15, 2023

OCT 12, 2023

SAG Strike talks broke down

Talks bitterly broke off between Hollywood actors and studios late Wednesday, killing any hopes that the three-month strike by performers would come to an end anytime soon.

One of the major stalling point is: Use of AI to replace actors, I sure wonder why this would be a sticking point :/.

Adobe Firefly can now generate more realistic images 

At MAX, its annual conference for creatives, Adobe today announced that it has updated the models that power Firefly, its generative AI image creation service. According to Adobe, the Firefly Image 2 Model, as it’s officially called, will be better at rendering humans, for example, including facial features, skin, body and hands (which have long vexed similar models).

Before legislation has been passed on existing models, yet you have tech companies going lightspeed on developing and improving models that are frankly shocking. Do we not see where this could go wrong? 

OCT 10, 2023

OCT 06, 2023

How a chatbot encouraged a man who wanted to kill the Queen 

The case of Jaswant Singh Chail has shone a light on the latest generation of artificial intelligence-powered chatbots.

On Thursday, 21-year-old Chail was given a nine-year sentence for breaking into Windsor Castle with a crossbow and declaring he wanted to kill the Queen.

(Also: earlier this year, a Belgian man’s widow claimed that a toxic “relationship” with an AI chatbot drove him to suicide.)

Beyond the absurdness of AI chatbots replacing people's interactions and encouraging social seclusion, do we agree that AI allows for lack of accountability as it now shifts desires by the outlier members of society to someone besides themselves?

Humane unveils 'AI Pin' at Paris Fashion Week; will it replace your smartphone? 

In a display of technology and fashion, Humane, a startup founded by ex-Apple executives, has officially unveiled its groundbreaking wearable AI assistant, the AI Pin, at a Paris fashion show. Humane says it features a camera, a projected screen, and a speaker. The device can notify you of calls, translate sentences into another language, and tell you if you’re allergic to a chocolate bar.

  • Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: Meta’s second foray into smart eyewear. The new glasses include mics, speakers, and camera lenses integrated with Meta AI.
  • Rewind Pendant: From the Sam Altman-backed startup Rewind, this $59 neck-adorning AI accessory “records what you do and makes it searchable,” creating a database of everything you say and hear.

I mean do people not read these headlines and say to themselves, wtf? As if we need more monitoring and recording by AI. You sacrifice convenience for what, 24/7 monitoring? neat.

OCT 04, 2023

OCT 04, 2023

Bing Is Generating Images of SpongeBob Doing 9/11 

Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator, produced by one of the most brand-conscious companies in the world, is heavily filtered: images of real humans aren’t allowed, along with a long list of scenarios and themes like violence, terrorism, and hate speech. It launched in March, and since then, users have been putting it through its paces. That people have found a way to easily produce images of Kirby, Mickey Mouse or Spongebob Squarepants doing 9/11 with Microsoft’s heavily restricted tools shows that even the most well-resourced companies in the world are still struggling to navigate issues of moderation and copyrighted material around generative AI.

This brings up another point regarding such rapid adoption of these technologies, at what point does Microsoft or any of the other tech giants draw their line in the sand and stop moderating? At some point people gonna complain that they are too restrictive like the CCP.

A.I. Tom Brady Standup Comedy: It's Too Easy! 

Tom Brady, who probably wishes his FTX ad was a deepfake, threatened to sue the creators of a crass standup special made with an AI-generated version of his voice and likeness earlier this year.
Robin Williams’s daughter, Zelda Williams, posted on Instagram over the weekend that she’s disturbed by attempts to “recreate actors who cannot consent,” like her late father.

Similar to the news headline below, AI is part of our world now but no one seems to care at all.

OCT 02, 2023

OCT 02, 2023

A Deep Fake Tom Hanks Is Promoting a Dental Plan, But the Actor Has 'Nothing to Do With It' 

After chasing an old-school scammer in 2002's Catch Me If You Can, Tom Hanks is now on the hunt for those using AI to recreate his likeness. The actor took to Instagram this weekend to warn his fans about some shady entity using his AI-generated likeness to peddle a dental plan.

Are we really surprised? The more famous the person, the more an AI version will spring up. We know all about the Elon AI made Scams.

Weird A.I. Yankovic, a cursed deep dive into the world of voice cloning 

The center of the A.I. cover songs community is a massive 500,000+ member Discord called A.I. Hub, where members trade new tips, tools, techniques, and links to their original and cover songs.

Community members also upload the A.I. voice models they’ve trained, adding hundreds of new models daily to a growing database of Discord threads. Musicians are a popular category, but also fictional characters, anime characters, YouTubers/streamers, and celebrities.

Yeah, this is not concerning at all, where anyone's likeness can be replicated if there's enough demand.

OCT 02, 2023

SEP 25, 2023

You Can Now Talk With ChatGPT and It Sounds Like a Human (Pretty Much) IT CAN ALSO respond to images you show it.

This is a repeat of the story below but goddamn it, I bet the voice was made by an AI too. How close are we to sentience?

Amazon to invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, a rival to ChatGPT developer OpenAI 

E-commerce giant Amazon on Monday said it will invest up to $4 billion in artificial intelligence firm Anthropic and take a minority ownership position in the company.

When in doubt, just follow the money, every big tech has embraced AI, and not only that but is actively funding a race to win the space, what does that say about the future of AI and its prevalence in society?


Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla

SEP 24, 2023

SEP 25, 2023

Sam Altman Is the Oppenheimer of Our Age OpenAI’s CEO thinks he knows our future. What do we know about him? 

 “AI is not a clean story of only benefit,” “Stuff is going to be lost here,” and “It’s super-relatable and natural to have loss aversion. People don’t want to hear a story in which they’re the casualty.”

The man, the face of AI, even he acknowledges AI's danger, can you? Interesting read, he seems just like a regular guy, albeit very interesting. He has the whole world's attention but has he actually done anything to really stall out widespread AI adoption?

ChatGPT Can Now Respond With Spoken Words 

A new version of OpenAI’s popular chatbot behaves a lot like Siri and Alexa. You can talk to it — and have a conversation.

Oy oy oy, this is bad! One step closer to implementing this into robots and ultimately step closer to robots that can talk and think for themselves, does this not scare you?

SEP 25, 2023

SEP 25, 2023

Writers Guild Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios and Streamers 

After several long consecutive days of negotiations, the Writers Guild of America and the labor group representing studios and streamers have reached a tentative deal on a new contract in a major development that could precipitate the end of a historic, 146-day writers strike.

The result of the hard-fought battle launched back in May when AI initally hit its hype cycle, props that they made advancements to manage the use of generative AI, this should EMPOWER everyone to take a stance against how AI has infiltrated our society, together we can make a difference! #antiai

Meta to Push for Younger Users With New AI Chatbot Characters 

Facebook parent is developing bots with personalities, including a ‘sassmaster general’ robot that answers questions.

Great, ChatGPT wasn't enough, let's also make Meta's Billion people reach get entwined with AI as well. We can see how big tech is drooling to use AI to extract more money from consumers. Knowing Meta, Zuckerberg definitely has YOUR best interest in mind...

SEP 24, 2023

SEP 24, 2023

Rebuilding MGM's IT will be a $100/hour Red Hat sysadmin with strong arms, on long shifts. 

seeks an onsite Red Hat Linux System Admin ‘RHEL SysAdmin’ in Las Vegas, Nevada for immediate work. This role will be helping the MGM Grand Casino to build its net new IT environment after the recent ransomware hack. Candidates must be willing to work everyday until the new IT environment is fully stood up.”

Everyone has heard about the MGM news. Although this is not related to AI, one can imagine what AI can do to cybersecurity if it falls into the wrong hands, human driven coordinated attack would flip most security systems.

Widow sues Google Maps over late husband's GPS route 

The family of a North Carolina man who died after driving his car off a collapsed bridge while following Google Maps directions is suing the technology giant for negligence.

Negligence huh, is it not negligence to allow untested AI to provide answers to all of the world?

SEP 24, 2023

SEP 22, 2023

DALL.E.3 Gets Released

OpenAI released its third version of DALL-E, a visual art generator that will let users create images through text prompts on ChatGPT for the first time. This installment of DALL-E includes more safety measures.

The trend we see is that AI models are just becoming more powerful, funded by big tech's push into this space, when is something going to snap?

Telling AI model to “take a deep breath” causes math scores to soar in study 

Google DeepMind researchers recently developed a technique to improve math ability in AI language models like ChatGPT by using other AI models to improve prompting—the written instructions that tell the AI model what to do. It found that using human-style encouragement improved math skills dramatically, in line with earlier results.

Oddly humanlike no? This is stuff of nightmares, the line between AI and human like-ness is getting thinner and thinner.

SEP 19, 2023

SEP 21, 2023

How Big Tech AI models nailed forecast for Hurricane Lee a week in advance 

U.S. and European weather agencies are escalating their engagement with artificial intelligence as the technology rapidly advances.

This sounds good in practice, woahhh AI is so capable, even being applicable to real life now! applicable to real life now, APPLICABLE TO REAL LIFE now, only a matter of time when the technology is used for not so pleasant purposes.

WATCH LIVE: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a one on one conversation with @elonmusk.

So the interview is pretty cool, but when you have world leaders chatting about AI, isn't it about time that more people wake up to this prominent issue? I think everyone should take a listen to the beginning parts, even if Elon did this as a way to appease Israel.

SEP 18, 2023

SEP 14, 2023

AI can envision the Pope DJing at a music festival

Looking freakishly good, and misinformation with AI will certainly be picking up into 2024 US election, how much can we handle before it all blurs the reality of the world we live in?

Tech titans meet US lawmakers, Musk seeks 'referee' for AI 

WASHINGTON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Tesla (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk called on Wednesday for a U.S. "referee" for artificial intelligence after he, Meta Platforms (META.O) CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Alphabet (GOOGL.O) CEO Sundar Pichai and other tech CEOs met with lawmakers at Capitol Hill to discuss AI regulation.

Musk said there was need for a regulator to ensure the safe use of AI.

Step in the right direction, but is this just Elon's ego trying to proclaim he is the top of the world? If he really cares, he would halt it whatever means possible, not talk to US lawmakers.

SEP 13, 2023

SEP 12, 2023

Nvidia Joins AI Firms Taking White House Voluntary Safety Pledge 

Nvidia Corp. will join IBM Corp. and Salesforce Inc. at the White House on Tuesday as a second group of artificial intelligence companies promise to adopt the administration’s voluntary safety principles to put guardrails on this new technology.

HAHAHA, the IBM that laid off how many employees due to AI, Nvidia that sells chips to everybody takes a pledge because they can control the industry how? To top it off, is this not the same playbook as SAM Altman's appeal to congress? While selling chips like hotcakes, this is too funny.

Also you see the Coca Cola AI flavour? lmaooo.

Artificial intelligence technology behind ChatGPT was built in Iowa — with a lot of water 

In a paper due to be published later this year, Ren’s team estimates ChatGPT gulps up 500 milliliters of water (close to what’s in a 16-ounce water bottle) every time you ask it a series of between 5 to 50 prompts or questions. The range varies depending on where its servers are located and the season. The estimate includes indirect water usage that the companies don’t measure — such as to cool power plants that supply the data centers with electricity.

Hey look, Another angle to look at the AI issue, environmental implications? Now this one even I didn't see coming.

SEP 08, 2023

SEP 11, 2023

Tim Burton Blasts AI Recreations of His Style as ‘Very Disturbing’: ‘It’s Like a Robot Taking Your Humanity, Your Soul’ 

Over the summer, Buzzfeed posted an article of photos that were generated by asking an AI platform to recreate beloved Disney characters in the style of Tim Burton. The results depicted Elsa from “Frozen” and Princess Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty” as if they were the stars of Burton’s stop-motion “Corpse Bride.” The article went viral, but not to the amusement of Burton himself.

I will just put Mr. Burton's own words here (why is it okay that AI can freely steal from Artists?):

“They had AI do my versions of Disney characters,” Burton said. “I can’t describe the feeling it gives you. It reminded me of when other cultures say, ‘Don’t take my picture because it is taking away your soul.’”

Ghostwriter Returns With an A.I. Travis Scott Song, and Industry Allies 

Earlier this year, when the anonymous musical creator known as Ghostwriter released an unauthorized track that used artificial intelligence voice effects to mimic the pop superstars Drake and the Weeknd, the fallout was immediate and far-reaching.

I'll just leave the quotes from Ghostwriter himself here: “We know A.I. is going to play a role in our business. We can’t pretend to turn our back on it and try to ban it.”

“I’m not scared of A.I., but I do believe work needs to be done to make sure that things are in place so that the creative community is protected.”

SEP 05, 2023

SEP 08, 2023

AI-Generated Drake and Weeknd Song ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ Is Not Eligible for a Grammy, Recording Academy Chief Clarifies 

The baffling legalities around “Heart on My Sleeve,” the song that uses AI-generated renditions of vocals by Drake and the Weeknd, continued on Friday as Recording Academy chief Harvey Mason Jr. posted a video insisting that the song is not eligible for a Grammy award, even though the New York Times reported earlier in the week that he’d said it is.

Upon initial glance, it might be easy to assume: "Ohh, this is good. AI generated music is not going to win any awards anytime soon". The devil is in the details, It's only not eligible "because it is not commercially available", what happens when it does become available commercially due to reckless AI adoption? Open the floodgates?

Pentagon Plans Vast AI Fleet to Counter China Threat 

WASHINGTON—The Pentagon intends to field a vast network of AI-powered technology, drones and autonomous systems within the next two years to counter threats from China and other adversaries. Defense Department seeks an array of air-, land- and sea-based autonomous systems to keep pace with adversaries.

To me, this is a disaster waiting to happen, what happens when these Autonomous systems "glitch" (hacked or malfunction) and do irreparable harm? Can you justify this type of defense as a deterrence against China?

SEP 06, 2023

SEP 04, 2023

Despite Cheating Fears, Schools Repeal ChatGPT Bans 

As students head back into school, with exposure to potentially a full year of AI tools helping students cheat, they are now actually loosening ChatGPT Bans. To me, this indicates that regulators have no idea what they are doing, just because AI has become mainstream does not mean it is now OKAY to teach kids, our future to adopt a lazy way of "learning" and bypass academia. 

Reject AI, even if the mainstream agenda appears to have accepted and embraced it as part of the societal norm, would you want your kids to skip over the important part of school that challenges them and makes them productive members of society?

AI’s Dirty Little Secret: Stanford Researchers Expose Flaws in Text Detectors 

In a study recently published in the journal Patterns, researchers demonstrate that computer algorithms often used to identify AI-generated text frequently falsely label articles written by non-native language speakers as being created by artificial intelligence. The researchers warn that the unreliable performance of these AI text-detection programs could adversely affect many individuals, including students and job applicants.

So now we got the only thing that can detect AI generated text going into the new school year as having selective bias to mis-label them... GREAT, do we live in a dystopia or what.

SEP 04, 2023

SEP 03, 2023

Mycologists warn of ‘life or death’ consequences as foraging guides written with A.I. chatbots crop up on Amazon 

Field guides have always varied in quality. But with some of them now being written with artificial intelligence chatbots—while appearing to be authored by human experts—the possibility of readers getting deadly advice is increasing. 
Why do I keep needing to highlight newlines where clearly AI infiltrated industries are pre-emptively released without proper screening? How many deaths do you need to recognize AI tools have jumped the gun??

AI sports reporter not ready for primetime 

After being dragged on social media for its hilariously bad AI-generated high school football reporting, the Columbus Dispatch and its owner Gannett announced they are pausing their local AI sports writing initiative.

I have said this many times, why is everyone so willy-nilly about AI being adopted into every facet of our lives? When it's clearly not ready? Throwback to that grocery AI telling people to make poison.

AUG 29, 2023

AUG 28, 2023

OpenAI launches a ChatGPT plan for enterprise customers 

Seeking to capitalize on ChatGPT’s viral success, OpenAI today announced the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, a business-focused edition of the company’s AI-powered chatbot app.

If we needed something to confirm the legitimacy of business adoption of AI, OpenAI confirmed it for us now suggesting overwhelming demand. This is always how it starts, corporations have the capital to back up macro trends like this.

What will it take for nuclear power to meet the climate challenge? 

Nuclear power is a proven technology that can be called upon to play a bigger role in decarbonization. Its ability to scale up to meet rising demand, however, is in question.

Nuclear power start-ups have only raised 6 Billion ever, while AI startups have raised 14B in first half of 2023 alone. For how transformative nuclear could be, what does that say about AI's impact on society? Gives some perspective.

August 28, 2023

August 23, 2023

Nearly 20 years after a stroke, a paralyzed woman is able to speak again—simply by thinking—thanks to A.I. 

A paralyzed woman can speak again, thanks to a small panel of electrodes implanted onto her brain and a digital avatar developed by scientists in California.

It marks the first time speech and facial expressions have been captured from brain signals and communicated by an avatar—one that speaks with the patient’s own voice.

I hate to be that guy but it's a matter of time before they create AI that can simulate thoughts if they take a wrong turn, eh? I am scared.

AI Chip Leader Nvidia Does It Again, Delivers Big Beat-And-Raise Q2 Report 

Artificial intelligence chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA) late Wednesday smashed Wall Street's lofty expectations for its fiscal second quarter and guided higher than views for the current period. NVDA stock jumped in extended trading.

For all the people claiming AI was just a 1 hit wonder, the Nvidia earnings sure beg to disagree. These numbers are insane, welcome to the 1T club, along with the other companies that now rule the world, wonder what that says about AI.

August 23, 2023

August 18, 2023

San Francisco wants to hit the brakes on robotaxis 

After a week of mishaps, San Francisco officials are looking to pause a recently-approved expansion of self-driving taxis in the city.
What do you know, a new technology runs into issues and the leaders of the space are forced to backpedal? I wonder when that moment comes from the rapid adoption of AI?

The $900,000 AI Job Is Here 

American companies are in the midst of an AI recruiting frenzy, and some are willing to pay salaries approaching seven figures to hire top talent.

With that kind of salary, you must wonder what kind of positions are being displaced elsewhere, my guess is a 1 for 10 effect, these kinds of salaries are disgusting.

August 14, 2023

August 15, 2023

Hollywood Studios offer writers new deal such as concessions for AI use 

Hollywood studios have made a new offer to striking screenwriters that includes concessions on issues such as the use of artificial intelligence and access to viewer data, Bloomberg News reported on Monday citing people familiar with the discussions.

Concessions on artificial Intelligent huh, with the potential to break the entertainment space of Hollywood in half, I wonder if just these concessions are enough.

Cruise and Waymo win robotaxi expansions in San Francisco 

In a win for the autonomous vehicle industry, California regulators have given the green light to Cruise and Waymo to offer commercial robotaxi services across San Francisco 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The commission voted 3-1 in support of the expansions; Commissioner Genevieve Shiroma cast the sole “no” vote.

Robotaxis are here, AI is becoming mainstream, it starts with changing the infrastructure first. How you perceive this is up to you.

August 11, 2023