Apple unveils its AI vision at long last

Hey Siri, how is Apple using generative AI?

As of this week, the company finally has an answer. After seeming to sit out much of the generative AI arms race over the past year or so, Apple announced a new flagship system called “Apple Intelligence” and a flood of new features that it powers. Those span everything from new emoji generated on the spot to writing assistance and agent-like task performance.

Apple also announced a partnership with OpenAI that will tap ChatGPT to answer certain questions posed to Siri and image generation, among other integrations.


This move makes me sick, and ultimately it is one tick closer to doomsday. Why? Because now billions of people's data will be used live to train AI, you thought it stops at Apple and OpenAI? NAH, every phone company will have to adopt AI, with this many data points, how is the future not headed towards AGI? Apple is a dirty money grubbing scum of a company, partnering with OPENAI so shamelessly. We are doomed, AI in everyone's pockets, AI part of everyday life, no one even tried to resist.

JUN 10, 2024

JUN 09, 2024

The World
‍AI Creator Awards

This is insane. They have cash rewards for who can create the best AI influencers now. IS THIS NOT dystopian already? If you look at their "Models" they have real followers and influence. Did you know that AI created people can make completely false claims with zero repercussions? Oh right, what are you going to hold accountable? So messed up.

Adobe Swears It’s Not Training Its A.I. on Your Photoshops

In the age of artificial intelligence, every internet user is reduced to their lowest form. In the eyes of the most powerful machine learning companies, we’re little more than training data. It’s a morbid existence, knowing that whenever you post to Reddit, review a restaurant online, or upload a photo of yourself, that could be scraped and used to train generative A.I. models to make the next great (or not-so-great) chatbot.

So, when Adobe informed its customers of changes to its terms of use this week, many of its creative-minded loyalists read the update and promptly freaked out. A pop-up notification informed them that the company “may access your content through both automated and manual methods, such as for content review.” Elsewhere in the terms of service, users posted on X (formerly Twitter) to complain about caveats in which Adobe might analyze user content using machine learning.

Although later corrected, the general trend is that most tech companies have this giant wall of text for TOS, even if the keen eyed viewers read through it, 90% of people won't read it, and now we are part of the cycle who knowingly feed info to train AI, neat.

JUN 07, 2024

JUN 07, 2024

Microsoft says AI feature that captures screenshots on new PCs will be off by default after backlash

Microsoft said an artificial intelligence feature on new PCs that captures screenshots and enables searching of user activity will be off by default after security researchers determined that attackers could access the underlying data. 

In a move that surprises no one... Attackers accessing data? How about literally AI and whoever owns that AI is capable of accessing personal data in an infinite black box? Blows my mind they dared to implement this feature at all, maybe they saw my meme.

OpenAI says it disrupted covert influence operation by Israeli firm STOIC

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, said Thursday it has disrupted five covert influence operations over the past three months that sought to use its artificial intelligence models for deceptive activities.

In a blog post, OpenAI said the disrupted campaigns originated from Russia, China, Iran, and a private company based in Israel.

The threat actors attempted to leverage OpenAI’s powerful language models for tasks like generating comments, articles, social media profiles, and debugging code for bots and websites.

This is in reference to Israel's 2M USD campaign to make bots to influence the ongoing conflict. This is one of the large-scale social media influencing campaigns using AI, it's just the start, sure, it's laughable for now, but what if 2B was used?

MAY 27, 2024

MAY 29, 2024

Vox Media and The Atlantic sign content deals with OpenAI

Two more media companies have signed licensing agreements with OpenAI, allowing their content to be used to train its AI models and be shared inside of ChatGPT. The Atlantic and Vox Media — The Verge’s parent company — both announced deals with OpenAI on Wednesday.

Sounds to me like the media companies are swayed by money once again, what's new... Easy for them to topple like dominoes at every request of OpenAI, what about protecting the integrity of news? Until when do LLMs start writing like the news, bye bye jobs, they are speedrunning the obscurity of their industry.

Elon Musk’s xAI raises $6 billion to fund its race against ChatGPT and all the rest

Elon Musk founded xAI last summer, and today it announced raising $6 billion in funding, saying it will help bring the startup’s “first products to market, build advanced infrastructure, and accelerate the research and development of future technologies.”

What a two-faced move, at first it was "Let's halt development of AI", now Elon singing a different tune, no? I guess the sad reality is that in order to resist AI (optimistically speaking), you must be the one to win the AI race. Ironic.

MAY 27, 2024

May 24, 2024

Google criticized as AI Overview makes obvious errors, such as saying former President Obama is Muslim

It’s been less than two weeks since Google debuted “AI Overview” in Google Search, and public criticism has mounted after queries have returned nonsensical or inaccurate results within the AI feature — without any way to opt out.

AI Overview shows a quick summary of answers to search questions at the very top of Google Search. For example, if a user searches for the best way to clean leather boots, the results page may display an “AI Overview” at the top with a multistep cleaning process, gleaned from information it synthesized from around the web.

It's easy to mock blatant misinformation now, but how about 10 generations from now, where AI tells you what is right or wrong, would you be able to tell misinformation apart if a large portion of the internet is wrong?

Use this link to turn off Google AI overview:

Nvidia shares pass $1,000 for first time on AI-driven sales surge

Nvidia reported fiscal first-quarter earnings on Wednesday that beat expectations for sales and earnings, and the stock rose in extended trading over the $1,000 per-share threshold. 

242% Sales growth, haha. These big tech companies are begging Nvidia for AI, at what point do we not laugh and see the serious threat that this is for humanity? The most money hungry companies of the world all funnel in to adopt AI, we lose.

MAY 22, 2024

May 20, 2024

Scarlett Johansson says she is 'shocked, angered' over new ChatGPT voice

Lawyers for Scarlett Johansson are demanding that OpenAI disclose how it developed an AI personal assistant voice that the actress says sounds uncannily similar to her own.

Johansson's legal team has sent OpenAI two letters asking the company to detail the process by which it developed a voice the tech company dubbed "Sky," Johansson's publicist told NPR in a revelation that has not been previously reported.

Beyond the fact that Sam selected VAs who sound like Scarlet, the fact that AI could theoretically just take the audio of all of Scarlet and make it replicate the voice. We are losing our individuality at a alarming rate.

OpenAI dissolves team focused on long-term AI risks, less than one year after announcing it

OpenAI has disbanded its team focused on the long-term risks of artificial intelligence, a person familiar with the situation confirmed to CNBC.

If this doesn't make you shxt bricks, I'm not sure what will, the so called safety rails have been thrown off in the chase for maximum capitalism, why is no one reporting on this? We will all be sorry.

MAY 17, 2024

May 18, 2024

Reddit stock soars on OpenAI partnership

Beyond joking about how/ if we want future chatgpt models to be trained on degenerate user data/ biased data from Reddit. This further cements OpenAI's reach into everything in our lives, what can't be bought with the resources they have now?

Hello GPT-4o.

"We’re announcing GPT-4o, our new flagship model that can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time."

This is insanely mindblowing, we have AI that can interact with its surroundings, please send help, aliens, anyone, this is going down a very dangerous unreversible path.

MAY 2024

May 21, 2024

Microsoft debuts 'Copilot+' PCs with AI features

SEATTLE, May 20 (Reuters) - Microsoft (MSFT.O), opens new tab on Monday debuted a new category of personal computers with AI features as it rushes to build the emerging technology into products across its business and compete with Alphabet (GOOGL.O), opens new tab and Apple (AAPL.O), opens new tab.

This news headline reads like a dystopia already, microsoft, a 3 TRILLION dollar company adopts AI to outcompete the other disgustingly giant tech behemoths, is this not an arms race or what. 50% of the world runs on PCs, AI is going to become very much ingrained into our lives.

More OpenAI drama: Exec quits over concerns about focus on profit over safety

A departing OpenAI executive focused on safety is raising concerns about the company on his way out the door.

Jan Leike, who resigned from his role leading the company’s “superalignment” team this week, said in a thread on X Friday that he disagreed with OpenAI leadership’s “core priorities” and had “reached a breaking point.”

Not only company vet Jan, but also Cofounder Ilya sutskever. Saying things like a breaking point and misalignment of core priorities is scary asf. Sam, or the puppet controlling Sam, is someone we cannot take lightly.

May 17, 2024

May 14, 2024

Google Infuses Search With AI in a ‘Fully Revamped’ Experience

For nearly two years, Google has been locked in a race with OpenAI and others to bring generative artificial intelligence — which can answer complex questions in a conversational manner — to the public in a way that most consumers will actually adopt. On Tuesday, Google fired a clear shot at competitors, signaling it has no intention of losing its leading position as the world’s most popular search engine.

Is this like collecting the infinity stones or something? Every company ever is adopting AI like there's not a real threat to F us all. What are the lawsuits going to look like in 5-10 years?

'Digital afterlife': Call for safeguards to prevent unwanted 'hauntings' by AI chatbots of dead loved ones

Artificial intelligence that allows users to hold text and voice conversations with lost loved ones runs the risk of causing psychological harm and even digitally "haunting" those left behind without design safety standards, according to University of Cambridge researchers.

Oh, bringing back dead ones to play the emotions of you, with all of the richest companies in the world to that data, I wonder what could possibly go wrong with that. Everyone saw how Drake got flamed for using digital-created Tupac right, mmm yeah it's real close.

May 08, 2024

May 09, 2024

TikTok to start labeling AI-generated content as technology becomes more universal

TikTok will begin labeling content created using artificial intelligence when it’s been uploaded from outside its own platform in an attempt to combat misinformation.

“AI enables incredible creative opportunities, but can confuse or mislead viewers if they don’t know content was AI-generated,” the company said in a prepared statement Thursday. “Labeling helps make that context clear—which is why we label AIGC made with TikTok AI effects, and have required creators to label realistic AIGC for over a year.”

What doesn't have AI capabilities anymore? I really feel like I am losing a unwinnable battle, every mega tech ever, every social media ever, at what point will we say enough is enough?

Biden takes aim at Trump for failed Foxconn project with visit to Microsoft’s new site in Wisconsin

Microsoft said it is pouring $3.3 billion into building a data hub in Wisconsin that aims to train employees and manufacturers on how to best use artificial intelligence.

I wonder what the biggest company in the world wants to do to expand the potential of "finding best use case of AI", unreal how Biden can support this whilst signing a so called AI regulation bill last year, read between the lines.

May 08, 2024

May 7, 2024

Apple Revamps iPads With AI-Focused Pro Model, Bigger Air

Apple Inc. unveiled a new artificial intelligence-focused iPad Pro and a larger iPad Air, aiming to reinvigorate a tablet lineup that has languished over the past two years.

Second largest company in the world, paired with AI and in billions of devices of people around the world, what could go wrong? It starts with iPads, then commercialized into iPhone. Then what? Yikes, all that data.

Full recap of Warren Buffett's comments at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting: 'I hope I come next year'

Buffett says AI scamming could be next big ‘growth industry,’ likens technology to nuclear weapons.

I am sure that one of the biggest business tycoons in the world with a pulse on literally every industry's perception of AI of the biggest problem he sees as a 90+ Year old being: AI scamming is next big growth industry is not a problem.

May 06, 2024

April 29, 2024

Tupac Estate Threatens Lawsuit Over AI-Generated Drake Track

Canadian rapper Drake is being threatened with legal action by the estate of Tupac Shakur for using an AI-generated version of the rapper’s voice in a new song without permission.

Drake released “Taylor Made Freestyle,” a diss track aimed at fellow rapper Kendric Lamar. The song featured synthetic versions of Tupac and Snoop Dogg. Tupac was shot and killed in 1996.

I am sure everyone seen the Kendrick X Drake beef, but the focus is how one of the most famous rappers in the world is playing around with AI, including such a famous voice such as Tupac, unreal to think what music will be like in 5-10 years.

Ex-athletic director accused of framing principal with AI arrested at airport with gun

Baltimore County Police arrested Pikesville High School’s former athletic director Thursday morning and charged him with crimes related to the alleged use of artificial intelligence to impersonate Principal Eric Eiswert, leading the public to believe Eiswert made racist and antisemitic comments behind closed doors.

In a move that surprised no one. This is only the beginning of the potential crimes that could be committed by AI. How about when AI becomes so sophisticated that no one can tell the obvious lie? Or can criminals claim AI deepfakes now?

April 25, 2024

April 23, 2024

Meta is putting AI front and center in its apps, and some users are annoyed

Meta’s artificial intelligence-powered assistant is suddenly everywhere in its flagship apps, and some users are not thrilled.

The company announced late last week that its assistant, Meta AI, would now be integrated into Facebook feeds as well as in the search bar across its biggest platforms. It's also now available in at least a dozen more countries.

I am sure everyone noticed MetaAI appearing in places they did not want it to appear. Great, one of the most data hungry and unethical companies in the world gains access to billions of more people's AI data, what could go wrong?

Meta loses $200 billion in value as Zuckerberg focuses earnings call on all the ways company bleeds cash

Zuckerberg said he expects to see a “multiyear investment cycle” before Meta’s AI products will scale into profitable services, but noted that the company has a “strong track record” in that department.

This is what Meta is good at, they enter into a market trying to dominate and win marketshare at all costs, then once they are a market leader, they turn on profitability and fleece users for maximum profitability, truly a souless corporation.

April 24, 2024

April 10, 2024

AI-Music Arms Race: Meet Udio, the Other ChatGPT for Music

Weeks after AI-music generator Suno went viral, a new rival, Udio, is here, backed by tech and music heavyweights. It has powerful capabilities —  and a weird habit of resurrecting Tom Petty

Ouch, first it was creative writers, then actors, and now music, we as a human race will lose our souls as all of the creative fields will get wiped out by AI. What is left that reflects the human essence?

Boston Dynamics' New Humanoid Robot Stuns Industry

Have you ever imagined a robot that could outperform humans in tasks? Boston Dynamics has introduced a new humanoid robot that's left the industry speechless. This robot uses groundbreaking robotics, artificial intelligence, and advanced design to change the world.

The old hydraulics-powered Atlas robot is retired. In its place, we have a new electric-powered marvel. It has better motion range and a more refined design, making it stronger, more flexible, and even more human-like than before.

Um, this is one step away from linking up a brain interface to ChatpGPT and you have very real robots that can talk and do work just like a human, I ask: what is a soul?

April 19, 2024

April 15, 2024

Millions of Student Papers Likely Written By AI

"Turnitin, a service that checks papers for plagiarism, says its detection tool found millions of papers that may have a significant amount of AI-generated content. "

Everyone knows the craze surrounding ChatGPT and OpenAI, but the scariest part? The abyss is invisible if you convince yourself to be blind.

Turnitin estimates that since it released its AI detection tool, going by just the lowest estimate, 3 percent of the 200 million papers it's reviewed(6,000,000 papers!) had 80% or more AI generated content, with 11 percent having 20% or more(22,000,000!!) 

What happens when these numbers grow up and become journalists, assigning meaning to the numbers, one by one, a torrent of flaws? Is our future one where your morning coffee and news might spark war, incite riots, and bring catastrophe to our doorstep for the sake of us lying back and feeding the machine?

Why New Tech Products Fail

Perhaps not surprisingly, however, the initial reviews of the Humane AI Pin have been consistently negative. The device is too slow, it fails at many basic tasks, it hallucinates, and it lacks important features. To be fair, I don’t think all of these problems are Humane’s fault — the technology just isn’t there yet, but given another few years, perhaps it will be. (Some of Humane’s problems are self-inflicted, though — for example, I see absolutely no reason for the voice used by the device should be so robotic, given the amazing quality of modern TTS models.)

Other than the fact we can laugh at AI pins, the trend is still alarming how many users were willing to shell out money for this. Not to mention Apple and other big tech's integration of AI into everyday devices, they have the money to do it properly, control.

April 16, 2024

April 1st, 2024

For Data-Guzzling AI Companies, the Internet Is Too Small

Companies racing to develop more powerful artificial intelligence are rapidly nearing a new problem: The internet might be too small for their plans.

Ever more powerful systems developed by OpenAI, Google and others require larger oceans of information to learn from. That demand is straining the available pool of quality public data online at the same time that some data owners are blocking access to AI companies.

My god, in the matter of months, they have uploaded every bit of data from the internet into AI models and they are not satisfied, I am disgusted that this was allowed to happen in the first place. This is PEAK DANGER, I am not joking.

Google plans to charge for AI-powered search engine, FT reports

Alphabet's (GOOGL.O), opens new tab Google is considering charging for premium features on its generative AI-powered search engine, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the plan.

The tech giant is looking at a variety of options, including incorporating AI-powered search features to its premium subscription services, which already provide access to its new Gemini AI assistant in Gmail and Docs, the report said.

I can't tell if this is a move of desperation or a move of greed, either way, AI becoming so ingrained into the fabric of our lives, that being part of Google search is NOT GOOD for privacy, trust me on this one.

April 3, 2024

April 1st, 2024

How Gen Z Is Becoming the Toolbelt Generation

America needs more plumbers, and Gen Z is answering the call.

Long beset by a labor crunch, the skilled trades are newly appealing to the youngest cohort of American workers, many of whom are choosing to leave the college path. Rising pay and new technologies in fields from welding to machine tooling are giving trade professions a face-lift, helping them shed the image of being dirty, low-end work. Growing skepticism about the return on a college education, the cost of which has soared in recent decades, is adding to their shine.

Despite this being published on April 1st, it is NOT a joke. The impacts on white collar jobs are already here and very real, that's the kind of disruptions that is coming for the space, if you laugh about Gen Z, what about your children? Your children's children, the world is going to look very different very soon.

OpenAI built a voice cloning tool, but you can’t use it… yet

As deepfakes proliferate, OpenAI is refining the tech used to clone voices — but the company insists it’s doing so responsibly.

Today marks the preview debut of OpenAI’s Voice Engine, an expansion of the company’s existing text-to-speech API. Under development for about two years, Voice Engine allows users to upload any 15-second voice sample to generate a synthetic copy of that voice. But there’s no date for public availability yet, giving the company time to respond to how the model is used and abused.

15 seconds... HOLY &*($, we are so screwed, how about someone secretly recording you, how about phone calls, how about crimes that you have never commited? Why does no one see a problem with this? and all of it just behind a paywall..

Mar 29, 2024

Mar 28, 2024

Journalists’ and Writers’ Unions Call on Congress to Consider Threats to Their Work in AI Legislation

Major unions representing U.S. journalists, writers and other creative professionals are calling on Congress to make these workers’ needs a “core priority” in any upcoming artificial intelligence legislation.

A little late to start begging.. AI companies have leverage, AI companies have money, AI companies will steamroll these tiny cries of help, until the whole world is engulfed by screams of job losses, it is only a matter of time.

Big Tech’s Latest Obsession Is Finding Enough Energy

HOUSTON—Every March, thousands of executives take over a downtown hotel here to reach oil and gas deals and haggle over plans to tackle climate change. This year, the dominant theme of the energy industry’s flagship conference was a new one: artificial intelligence.

I have already touched on this before, if nothing scares you about AI, then atleast you should care about the environmental ramifications:

 Airplane hangar-sized data centers training AI systems require “exponentially more power” than traditional data centers, per the Washington Post, causing utilities to dramatically upgrade their demand projections.

Mar 24, 2024

Mar 20, 2024

Tennessee becomes first state to pass a law protecting musicians against AI

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday signed legislation designed to protect songwriters, performers and other music industry professionals against the potential dangers of artificial intelligence.

The move makes Tennessee, long known as the birthplace of country music and the launchpad for musical legends, the first state in the U.S. to enact such measures. Supporters say the goal is to ensure that AI tools cannot replicate an artist's voice without their consent. The bill goes into effect July 1.

A small ray of sunshine amongst AI armageddon, about damn time someone did something, holy %^&*, a first win, this should be universal, what are all the political bobbleheads doing not passing this?

Nvidia Wants to Replace Nurses With AI for $9 an Hour

Nvidia announced a collaboration with Hippocratic AI on Monday, a healthcare company that offers generative AI nurses who work for just $9 an hour. Hippocratic promotes how it can undercut real human nurses, who can cost $90 an hour, with its cheap AI agents that offer medical advice to patients over video calls in real-time.

Sounds good in theory and it really might be good for society in the short term, but what happens when millions of jobs get replaced at the snap of a finger?

Mar 19, 2024

Mar 19, 2024

Facebook’s Algorithm Is Boosting AI Spam That Links to AI-Generated, Ad-Laden Click Farms

Facebook’s recommendation algorithms are promoting bizarre, AI-generated images being posted by spammers and scammers to an audience of people who mindlessly interact with them and perhaps don’t understand that they are not real, a new analysis by Stanford and Georgetown University researchers has found. The researchers’ analysis aligns with what I have seen and experienced over the course of months of researching and reporting on these pages, many of which have found a novel way to link to off-platform, AI-generated “news” sites that are littered with Google ads or which are selling low-quality products.  

Great control over AI, meta... This proves how money hungry these giant corporations are, they have no intention of watching out for the dangerous of AI, if AI makes money but destroys half the world, the tech billionaires will still push it.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announces new AI chips: ‘We need bigger GPUs’

Nvidia on Monday announced a new generation of artificial intelligence chips and software for running AI models.
The new AI graphics processors are named Blackwell and are expected to ship later this year.
The announcement comes as companies and software makers still scramble to get their hands on the current generation of H100s and similar chips.

Great, a 2 Trillion marketcap company should be enabled to keep throttling onwards and pushing AI down the throats of every company, it's not looking good for the common folk.

Mar 18, 2024

Mar 17, 2024

Apple Is in Talks to Let Google Gemini Power iPhone AI Features

Apple Inc. is in talks to build Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone, according to people familiar with the situation, setting the stage for a blockbuster agreement that would shake up the AI industry.

Great.. Apple is joining the fray, not like pretty soon everyone will have an AI bot in their pockets, collecting data from billions of people and making the AI smarter, how is this not a problem?

Tech Leaders Say AI Will Change What It Means to Have a Job

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.—Artificial intelligence will likely lead to seismic changes to the workforce, eliminating many professions and requiring a societal rethink of how people spend their time, prominent tech leaders said Tuesday.

Many industry leaders speculating a 3 day work week is coming, that sounds good on paper, as does universal basic income, but it also removes the individual use of people in general, wouldn't you agree? The power will be concentrated in the hands of select few industry titans, dystopian...

Mar 16, 2024

Mar 06, 2024

EU Poised to Enact Sweeping AI Rules With US, Global Impact

The European Union is on the verge of passing sweeping artificial intelligence regulation—with teeth.

The European Parliament is scheduled to vote on the legislation March 13, and one of the lawmakers leading the legislation said he expects it to pass easily. Under the current timeline the law would largely take effect in 2026, although some provisions would kick in this year.

Not to be that guy, but we have heard about this for a while, has any meaningful action actually come to fruition? Does anyone even care what Europe think? While EU is dancing with "sweeping regulations" US pushes full steam ahead LMAO.

Anthropic’s Claude 3 causes stir by seeming to realize when it was being tested

On Monday, Anthropic prompt engineer Alex Albert caused a small stir in the AI community when he tweeted about a scenario related to Claude 3 Opus, the largest version of a new large language model launched on Monday. Albert shared a story from internal testing of Opus where the model seemingly demonstrated a type of "metacognition" or self-awareness during a "needle-in-the-haystack" evaluation, leading to both curiosity and skepticism online.

The beginning of a resemblance of AGI haha... So funny. In all seriousness though, this one might just be lines of code being able to ID specific text and overblown, but how far is it really to think something like this is in the near future?

Mar 05, 2024

Mar 01, 2024

Musk sues OpenAI for not benefiting humanity enough

Musk vs. OpenAI
The lawsuit claims that instead of fulfilling its mission to develop AI for the public benefit, the $80 billion company betrayed its original goals by:

Developing advanced AI for profit (the organization now has a for-profit subsidiary but it’s bound to hew to the nonprofit’s mission), and becoming a “de facto subsidiary of the largest technology company in the world: Microsoft.” The tech giant invested $13 billion in OpenAI, buying 49% of its business arm.
Improperly licensing its GPT-4 AI model to Microsoft despite having an obligation to create such sophisticated tools for nonprofit ends.

This one is tough for me, as we all know Elon: The post claims Musk actually wanted to shift OpenAI to a for-profit model—with himself as CEO, saying billions of dollars were needed to compete with Google. I do firmly believe what Elon Musk is saying is correct though, OpenAI has 180 completely when they saw the market opportunity emerge and casted ethics aside.

Figure rides the humanoid robot hype wave to $2.6B valuation

Today Figure confirmed long-standing rumors that it’s been raising more money than God. The Bay Area-based robotics firm announced a $675 million Series B round that values the startup at $2.6 billion post-money.

The lineup of investors is equally impressive. It includes Microsoft, OpenAI Startup Fund, Nvidia, Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, Jeff Bezos (through Bezos Expeditions), Parkway Venture Capital, Intel Capital, Align Ventures and ARK Invest. It’s a mind-boggling sum of money for what remains a still-young startup, with an 80-person headcount. That last bit will almost certainly change with this round.

Um, WTF? The headline literally reads: "OpenAI might’ve found a body for ChatGPT’s soul" Am I the only person alarmed by the prospect of AI being able to control a physical object??? How is no one else not talking about this..

Feb 29, 2024

Mar 05, 2024

AI Search Startup Perplexity Set to Double Valuation to $1 Billion

Perplexity, an artificial-intelligence startup aiming to challenge Google’s dominance in web search, is finalizing a new funding deal at around a $1 billion valuation, people familiar with the matter said, roughly doubling its valuation since its most recent financing a few months ago.

While it is natural how innovation like AI will disrupt dominate players, it is frightening just how much money is flowing into the space. Closer and closer to AGI we tick.

Microsoft invests in Europe’s Mistral AI to expand beyond OpenAI

Microsoft on Monday announced a new partnership with French start-up Mistral AI as the U.S. tech giant seeks to expand its footprint in the fast-evolving artificial intelligence industry.

Yikes. Microsoft entering Europe as well, so much for Europe being a leader for AI regulation, the fact this passed without a hike suggests that EU says one thing but won't say no to money.

Feb 26, 2024

Feb 22, 2024

AI’s New Job? All-Purpose Hollywood Crewmember

As OpenAI unveils its new product Sora, which allows for intricate video on command, crafts workers see the tech displacing artists: “It’s going to be everywhere.”

"The role of AI in the entertainment industry was a sticking point in talks during dual strikes by actors and writers last year, with the unions eventually negotiating guardrails on use, but the kind of tech capable of overhauling traditional production processes and outright replacing skilled workers was still thought to be years away."

I'm not going to keep hammering this point but this is just the start.

Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google? It Has for Me.

For my entire adult life, whenever I’ve had a question about the world or needed to track down something online, I’ve gone to Google for answers.

But recently, I’ve been stepping out on Google with a new, A.I.-powered search engine. (No, not Bing, which is dead to me after it tried to break up my marriage last year.)

It’s called Perplexity. The year-old search engine, whose founders previously worked in A.I. research at OpenAI and Meta, has quickly become one of the most buzzed-about products in the tech world. Tech insiders rave about it on social media, and investors like Jeff Bezos — who was also an early investor in Google — have showered it with cash. 

Seems like everyone is in bed with everyone, backed by Amazon is scary, from OpenAI and Meta is scary, all of the tech companies are lining up to gobble up the whole space is ... scary. What isn't scary?

Feb 1, 2024

Feb 22, 2024

Google pauses Gemini’s ability to generate AI images of people after diversity errors

Google says it’s pausing the ability for its Gemini AI to generate images of people, after the tool was found to be generating inaccurate historical images. Gemini has been creating diverse images of the US Founding Fathers and Nazi-era German soldiers, in what looked like an attempt to subvert the gender and racial stereotypes found in generative AI.

Remember when Gemini was named Bard, remember Bard's failures too lol? Maybe Google shouldn't be making AI, or any of the tech companies.. Do we as a society seem to care about the consequences? No..

Inside the Underground Site Where ‘Neural Networks’ Churn Out Fake IDs

Sora AI: Hype or Hero? Let’s Dive Deep (Limitations, Hidden Feature & More!

OpenAI announces a new AI called Sora. This AI can create a video from your text. That’s insane!

I believe it will be very useful for content creators, filmmakers, web developers, and others who work with this kind of content. The new model aims to convert text-to-video. It can generate a video from plain text.

Everyone is buzzing with excitment over this new AI tool, I believe that it is once again very dangerous technology, it will only get better from here with the support of OpenAI, what are the implications when you can create very very realistic videos of famous people doing things they never did? This will change the world when pushed to its limits.

Feb 21, 2024

Feb 13, 2024

Waymo arson in San Francisco sparks new debate on self-driving cars

A seasoned San Francisco cab driver might have avoided the intersection of Jackson Street and Grant Avenue, in the heart of the city's Chinatown on the first day of Chinese New Year.

An autonomous Waymo robotaxi, by contrast, drove toward the cross streets on Saturday evening, when crowds were blocking all sides and revelers were lighting fireworks, according to two witnesses. Minutes later, some in the crowd attacked the car and set it on fire.

You know what this reminds me of, luddites. However, you know what else this reminds me of? The PROBLEM of autonomous anything, how is that the bare minimum of it being destroyed is alarming? AN AUTONOMOUS CAR drove into a crowd, be f***ing glad that waymo is pulling out of SF with multiple stunts similar to this.

Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline’s chatbot

After months of resisting, Air Canada was forced to give a partial refund to a grieving passenger who was misled by an airline chatbot inaccurately explaining the airline's bereavement travel policy.

On the day Jake Moffatt's grandmother died, Moffat immediately visited Air Canada's website to book a flight from Vancouver to Toronto. Unsure of how Air Canada's bereavement rates worked, Moffatt asked Air Canada's chatbot to explain.

The chatbot provided inaccurate information, encouraging Moffatt to book a flight immediately and then request a refund within 90 days. In reality, Air Canada's policy explicitly stated that the airline will not provide refunds for bereavement travel after the flight is booked. Moffatt dutifully attempted to follow the chatbot's advice and request a refund but was shocked that the request was rejected.

The end result was that the AI ChatBot has now been discontinued, a small glimmer of hope that AI's have real world consequences affecting very real people and I hope that more companies see how automation may not translate into best practices.

Feb 16, 2024

Feb 14, 2024

Microsoft says it caught hackers from China, Russia and Iran using its AI tools

State-backed hackers from Russia, China, and Iran have been using tools from Microsoft-backed OpenAI to hone their skills and trick their targets, according to a report published on Wednesday.
Microsoft (MSFT.O), opens new tab said in its report it had tracked hacking groups affiliated with Russian military intelligence, Iran's Revolutionary Guard, and the Chinese and North Korean governments as they tried to perfect their hacking campaigns using large language models. Those computer programs, often called artificial intelligence, draw on massive amounts of text to generate human-sounding responses.

Does this not worry anyone? The fact that AI can be used to automate more of anything, notably nefarious tasks not worry people? How is there not outrage in controlling something like this?

OpenAI Gives ChatGPT the Ability to Remember Facts From Your Chats

The next time you tell ChatGPT that you’re allergic to avocados or prefer all meeting notes to be formatted in bullet points, the chatbot might be able to remember those details indefinitely.

I'm calling it, this is the beginning of a sentient AI, it always starts with convenience, next they remember everything about you, then what?...

Feb 13, 2024

Feb 08, 2024

Sam Altman Seeks Trillions of Dollars to Reshape Business of Chips and AI

OpenAI chief pursues investors including the U.A.E. for a project possibly requiring up to $7 trillion.

For someone who lobbied so hard for AI safety, he sure needs a lot of money, TOO MUCH money to do everything he wants, isn't that funny?

Can't wait to see the end of our world come at a breakneck speed while the guy preaches safety haha.

With rapidly improving AI, voice cloning has only gotten more convincing. That’s a problem

When some New Hampshire voters answered the phone in January, they heard a very familiar voice.

“What a bunch of malarkey,” President Joe Biden said, urging residents to “save your vote for the November election” and skip the state’s Jan. 23 presidential primary.

If you’re thinking that doesn’t sound like something Biden would actually say, you’d be right. New Hampshire officials now believe that the robocalls residents received were AI-generated, mimicking the president’s voice in an “unlawful attempt to…suppress New Hampshire voters,” the state AG’s office said in a statement.

I predicted this. AI will be used in nefarious ways, but the most important is elections and politics, AI content can sway voters while using very few resources to generate infinite content.

Feb 07, 2024

Feb 06, 2024

Meta to add ‘AI generated’ label to images created with OpenAI, Midjourney and other tools

Meta says it’s working to identify and label AI-generated images shared on its platforms that were created by third-party tools, as the company prepares for the 2024 election season amid a proliferation of artificial intelligence tools that threaten to muddy the information ecosystem.

In the coming months, Meta will start adding “AI generated” labels to images created by tools from Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, Adobe, Midjourney and Shutterstock, Meta Global Affairs President Nick Clegg said in a blog post Tuesday. Meta already applies a similar, “imagined with AI” label to photorealistic images created with its own AI generator tool.

Hahah, this is rich, Meta being the first to try to protect its users, however, notice that last line, subtly mentioning that META has its own AI tool, now I wonder why a platform like META would want to get more compliant. right after that booming financial statement.

Inside the Underground Site Where ‘Neural Networks’ Churn Out Fake IDs

An underground website called OnlyFake is claiming to use “neural networks” to generate realistic looking photos of fake IDs for just $15, radically disrupting the marketplace for fake identities and cybersecurity more generally. This technology, which 404 Media has verified produces fake IDs nearly instantly, could streamline everything from bank fraud to laundering stolen funds.

I mean it would only make sense that fake IDs would eventually happen with AI, scary scary as the world all around us falls into disarray, what is real and what isn't? Nowadays who knows?

Feb 05, 2024

Feb 02, 2024

AI lobbying spikes 185% as calls for regulation surge

Artificial intelligence-related lobbying reached new heights in 2023, with more than 450 organizations participating. It marks a 185% increase from the year before, when just 158 organizations did so, according to federal lobbying disclosures analyzed by OpenSecrets on behalf of CNBC.

The spike in AI lobbying comes amid growing calls for AI regulation and the Biden administration’s push to begin codifying those rules. Companies that began lobbying in 2023 to have a say in how regulation might affect their businesses include TikTok owner ByteDance, Tesla, Spotify, Shopify, Pinterest, Samsung, Palantir, Nvidia, Dropbox, Instacart, DoorDash, Anthropic and OpenAI.

I'm skeptical of lobbyists, they usually play both sides of the fence. I think these tech companies just want to beat OpenAI , but general support for my cause is very welcomed.

Universal Music Group pulling entire catalog from TikTok

When the future archaeologists find our TikTok catalog, they are going to be so bored watching post-Barbie homages to girlhood without that haunting Billie Eilish song. Universal Music Group (UMG)—which is the music label for huge artists like Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Drake—said it would pull its catalog from the platform after failing to negotiate a new contract with TikTok. The app’s nearly 1.4 billion users should start to hear the change today and be unable to use UMG’s artists’ songs in their videos, as the old contract expired at midnight.

  • Worries TikTok isn’t doing enough to protect artists from AI. TikTok recently confirmed that it’s testing a tool for users to create AI songs on the app.

Finally, some pushback in the space, this is serious money pushing back against AI startups doing whatever they want.

Jan 31, 2024

Jan 25, 2024

We Tried a Dating App That Lets a Chatbot Break the Ice for You. It Got Weird

More than a decade of dating apps has shown the process can be excruciating. A new app is trying to make dating less exhausting by using artificial intelligence to help people skip the earliest, often cringey stages of chatting with a new match.

You know what I wish for? Cringey Human Connection, that statement will become more and more evident as AI replaces everything it means to interact with another human being.

Taylor Swift’s name not searchable on X days after sexually explicit deepfakes go viral 

Social media users may have noticed Saturday that they cannot search Taylor Swift’s name on X, days after nonconsensual sexually explicit deepfakes of the pop star went viral.

As I tweeted a few days ago.

Lmao, what did you people think was going to happen when AI became this prominent? This is going to happen to every celebrity with an ounce of fame. Who is the next celebrity to get this treatment? The bigger the celebrity the more likely to is is going to happen.

Jan 27, 2024

Jan 22, 2024

Rethinking AI's impact: MIT CSAIL study reveals economic limits to job automation 

A new study from MIT CSAIL, MIT Sloan, The Productivity Institute, and IBM’s Institute for Business Value is set to challenge our long-held beliefs. Their research critically examines the economic practicality of using AI for automating tasks in the workplace, with a specific emphasis on computer vision.

Their findings show that currently, only about 23 percent of wages paid for tasks involving vision are economically viable for AI automation. 

Let's flip this around, there are already 23% of visual tasks available and economically capable of being eliminated and replaced by AI. What is wrong with people, why can't they admit this is a problem??

Altman says ChatGPT will have to evolve in “uncomfortable” ways

OpenAI's next big model "will be able to do a lot, lot more" than the existing models can, CEO Sam Altman told Axios in an exclusive interview at Davos on Wednesday.

Why it matters: Altman told Axios' Ina Fried that AI is evolving much more rapidly than previous technologies that took Silicon Valley by storm. But he also conceded that the evolution and proliferation of OpenAI's technology will require "uncomfortable" decisions.

Evolve more rapidly... Do a LOT LOT more? Are we all hearing this?...

Jan 18, 2024

Jan 18, 2024

We don’t want to see an AI ‘Hiroshima,’ Salesforce CEO warns 

The tech industry is setting down safety protocols and establishing trust principles in relation to the developing AI software that has taken the world by storm to avoid a “Hiroshima moment,” Salesforce
A breath of fresh air for someone to admit there could be a tragedy that results from Ai development at these rates.

AI will affect 40% of jobs and probably worsen inequality, says IMF head 

Artificial intelligence will affect 40% of jobs around the world and it is “crucial” that countries build social safety nets to mitigate the impact on vulnerable workers, according to the head of the International Monetary Fund.

IMF is raising warnings about this!! 40% is a crazy number.

Jan 15, 2024

Jan 18, 2024

OpenAI Sam Altman to appear at World Economic Forum Summit

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 16 (Reuters) - OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman on Tuesday said an energy breakthrough is necessary for future artificial intelligence, which will consume vastly more power than people have expected.

In his first big public appearance since his outing, Sam Altman will appear at the World Economic Forum, showing how much of a household name he has become to rub elbows with some of the most influential people in the world, notice how he talks about energy consumption being a problem --> Assumption AI will be that ingrained in society.

OpenAI Launches the GPT Store, a Marketplace for AI Tools 

OpenAI launched its much-anticipated GPT Store on Wednesday, offering its customizable AI chatbots to ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, and Team users. The GPT Store is Sam Altman’s biggest consumer product launch since ChatGPT, and it aims to make AI more practical and accessible.

3M GPTs have been created, which allows everyday users to explore the capabilities of AI, sure there are restrictions for now, but what if players go evil after figuring out the basics and take their creation off to something not backed by ChatGPT?

Jan 10, 2024

Jan 10, 2024

Looking at CES 2024: Startups and A.I. Take Center Stage

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) kicks off this week in Las Vegas. The tech conference, once a product showcase for giants like Sony and Samsung, has morphed into a hub for small tech companies over the past several years. 

Whether it's big tech or small tech, this year's show will be all about A.I. Here are a few of the innovations expected to get noticed at CES 2024.

It does not shock me to see that CES would embrace AI so deeply, it is the future of technology after all, but how does this fair in a modern world that can't seem to balance AI regulation at all?

Deepfakes for $24 a month: how AI is disrupting Bangladesh's election 

Policymakers around the world are worrying over how AI-generated disinformation can be harnessed to try to mislead voters and inflame divisions ahead of several big elections next year.

In one country it is already happening: Bangladesh.

The South Asian nation of 170mn people is heading to the polls in early January, a contest marked by a bitter and polarising power struggle between incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her rivals, the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist party.

Pro-government news outlets and influencers in Bangladesh have in recent months promoted AI-generated disinformation created with cheap tools offered by artificial intelligence start-ups.

ANYONE can have access to these tools for a small fee, what do you think about the corporations that have deep pockets and have access to better tools? Why even bother lobbying when you can influence who gets elected?

DEC 14, 2023

Jan 04, 2024

Microsoft gives AI a place on the Windows keyboard 

Microsoft is so confident AI is the future of computing that it's adding a new button to the keyboards of Windows PCs dedicated to its Copilot AI assistant, starting with new machines to be announced at CES next week.

Why it matters: It's the first change to the Windows keyboard in 30 years, and the latest example of hardware makers betting on AI to both create new product categories and breathe life into older ones.

Ah, yes, let's cram more AI down our throats lead by one of the world's most far reaching company, at this point, may be the MOST influential company as Apple falls to the waist-side.

The New York Times sues OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement 

The New York Times has sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, alleging that the companies’ artificial intelligence technology illegally copied millions of Times articles to train ChatGPT and other services to provide people with instant access to information — technology that now competes with the Times.

Nice start to the year huh, let's see what comes out of this lawsuit. I hope OpenAI and Microsoft gets dinged, but lawsuits take years to settle. I think it's interesting that AI can pull from real time internet now, that's scary if you think about it.

Jan 01, 2024

AntiAI Memes& Wholesome AI content

Welcome to my meme page! These are just meant to be lighthearted memes poking fun at some of the shortcomings of AI, enjoy!

---Credits to the owners.

AI reads text from ancient Herculaneum scroll for the first time 

Beyond how excited scientist got over this lol, If AI was used exclusively for things like this, I have zero objections, but atlas, there are many more nefarious uses of AI than innocently used as a tool to overcome human barriers for IDing ancient scrolls.

Could an orca give a TED Talk? 

This is a feel good episode about AI :)

If AI was used for things like this, I have no objections, but atlas, there are many nefarious uses of AI

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