AntiAI Podcast Episode 1: Apple Intelligence

Welcome to the first episode of AntiAI Podcast! Joining Clerk Kant is Iris and our esteemed guest: Will Granger! We had such a great conversation discussing Apple Intelligence along with his experience of being a teacher throughout the AI revolution. Will and views on AI are pretty aligned and we shared a lot of insightful information together. Please use the following links to show him some love.

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Welcome to the very first episode of the AntiAI Podcast! In this debut episode, your host Clerk Kant is joined by co-host Iris and our esteemed guest, Will Granger. Will is a seasoned educator who has witnessed firsthand the dramatic changes brought about by the AI revolution in the classroom. Together, we dive deep into the topic of Apple Intelligence and its implications for the future of education and society.

Throughout our conversation, Will shares his valuable insights and experiences, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges presented by AI technologies. We discuss the alignment between Will’s perspectives and the principles of, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful and responsible AI integration.

Don't miss out on this engaging and thought-provoking discussion that sets the stage for future episodes!

Thank you for tuning in! Stay connected with us for more insightful episodes where we continue to explore the world of AI from a critical perspective. Subscribe, rate, and review the AntiAI Podcast on your favorite platform.
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AntiAI Podcast Episode 0: Pilot

In this episode, we introduce your go-to source for in-depth discussion and debate on the AI movement. Our mission at Anti-AI is to critically examine AI's rapid adoption and its potential unforeseen consequences.

Your hosts have both seen firsthand how AI is transforming industries. The Anti-AI website began in 2023 as a proactive measure against AI's disruptive potential. 

Our goal is to inform the public about AI's implications and encourage thoughtful discourse. In our podcast, we'll address your questions, discuss major AI-related news, and provide a platform for diverse opinions.

Visit our website for more resources, case studies, and ways to support our cause. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes, and let us know your thoughts on AI. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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